• Testimonials

  • I have had a prolonged dental fear for as long as I can remember.
    Yesterday, I went in for 3 fillings with a new dentist and assistant and they were awesome! I went home and I can actually say that I look forward to going back to get the rest of my work done. Thanks!

    Kori C.

  • Classic Dental offers tier one customer service. This day and age, we as members of society utilize technology to find services, the best deal and locate new business. I can honestly say that Classic Dental offers a unique cared for service. The old saying that people by people stands true here. Give Classic Dental a visit for your dental needs.

    Canaan C.

  • I have been a patient at Classis Dental for 15 yrs. I started bringing my son 6 years ago when he was old enough and my husband became a patient 3 or 4 years ago. I have family members who are very experienced in the dental world. So that being said, I love Classic Dental. They have the best and very experienced dentist around. My mom always checks the work they do and said they do expert work. She was a dental hygienist for years. My son recently at 7 yoa had two filings. They did a great job. I was so worried he would be afraid but they did a great job helping him stay focused and he never felt any of the shots or drilling.

    I don't know why some one would expect a dental office to be over crowded in the middle of the day but I have never had to wait past my schedule appointment. They had a like delay with my son due to the patient ahead of him but nothing more then 5 min.

    Medical offices have unexpected issues all the time and get off schedule. I am not sure what people expect if someone has an last minute emergency.

    I know I have seen staff come and go over 15 years, I have been a patient. Some good some bad but that is to be expected.

    I am going to miss everyone at Classic Dental due to moving out of county. Thank you for your many years of great dental care.

    Nicole B.

  • I just changed Dentists to Classic Dental LLC and am very impressed with their level of care and the service I received. From being greeted when I entered their beautiful office to when I left I knew they had my best interest in mind and they kept me comfortable. I am impressed with the technology they have as it saves me time and made my visit more pleasant. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a Dentist!

    Adam C.

  • you don't realize you have something good until it's gone. I had opted a cheaper insurance this year, but had to change dentists. These guys are awesome. They don't have a million customers, so they can focus on you. They don't pester you for things you don't ask for, they don't send you texts or social media crap. they're just your friendly neighborhood dentist...

    Will switch back to my old insurance in 2015 so I can return here...miss you guys!

    I also have to mention they do the bare minimum work. I feel that's important. I have heard some dentists doing more work than is nescesary, but I've never had that issue with these guys. I think that's called business ethics, and these guys have it.

    Dan D.